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Negligence – Trial
$5.8 Million

35-year-old single woman attacked by bar patron. Bone fractures and CRPS. High verdict in DuPage County.

Negligence – Trial

47-year-old single man attacked by bar patron. Head injury and 2-inch scar.

Wrongful Death – Settlement
$2.3 Million

19-year-old single woman. Failure to diagnose intestinal blockage.

Slip and Fall – Settlement

A 73-year-old man slipped on a wet floor in an office building and tore his left and right quadriceps, requiring surgery.

Automobile Collision – Settlement

53-year-old woman broke her great toe. No surgery required.

Automobile Collision – Settlement
$500,000.00 (Policy Limits)

A 22-year-old female in a car is struck by landscaping truck. Client sustained fractured iliac crest.

Interstate Trucking Collision – Jury Verdict

A 48-year-old single man suffered incomplete quadriplegia when a truck failed to obey trucking regulations.

Product Liability – Settlement during trial

Fifty-eight year old male was feeding sheets of steel into a coil shear machine for the purposes of cutting the steel and making aerosol cans for his employer. His glove became caught on the steel, and his hand was dragged into the unguarded pinch rolls of the machine. Two fingers and half a thumb were amputated. Client alleged in his complaint that the manufacturer of the machine failed to equip the machine with guards at the pinch points and with automatic shut-off devices.

Automobile Collision – Settlement during trial

Forty year old male in a pickup truck is rear-ended by a school bus. Client sustained herniated discs in his neck and low back, requiring surgeries.

Driver of car hit in head with beer bottle – Verdict

A nineteen year old male driving a car was struck in the head by a beer bottle thrown by a homeowner. The bottle went through client’s open window as he was driving down the street. Client sustained a mild brain injury, affecting his short-term memory, personality, and ability to work.

Motorcycle Collision – Settlement

A 24-year-old male riding a motorcycle was struck by a car making a left turn into a private driveway. As a result, our client sustained a broken leg requiring the internal placement of a plate and screws.

Automobile Collision – Jury verdict

A 19-year-old female driver was in the front car of a three-car collision. She sustained an aggravation injury to a part of her cervical spine that had a pre-existing congenital defect, requiring surgery. The defendants claimed the collision did not cause any injury to the extent claimed, and argued her symptoms and surgery were due to her congenital defect. The verdict was in excess of the defendants’ combined $200,000.00 insurance policy limits. Plaintiff recovered the full verdict amount plus post-judgment interest and costs from defendants’ insurance carriers.

Bouncer pulls driver out of car that is in gear – Jury Verdict

A bouncer of a bar pulled a driver of a car out of the car while it was still in gear. When the driver’s foot came off the clutch, the car lurched backwards, striking our 24-year-old client. Client’s hip was broken, requiring surgery.

Failure to obey red light – Settlement

A 39-year-old male driver was struck at an intersection by a driver that failed to obey a red light. Client sustained herniated disc in low back requiring surgery.

Road Rage – Settlement

A man spit on the windshield of an illegally parked car and drove away. Driver of the illegally parked car then ensued on a high-speed chase of the car driven by the man who spit. The road rage chase took the drivers through neighborhood side streets, where the cars crashed into a parked car as a 73-year-old man was exiting the parked car, resulting in soft tissue low back injuries and a torn medial meniscus of the knee.

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